UX/UI design

The Center for eHealth and Health Care Technology is a multidisciplinary co-operation between several faculties at the University of Agder, in southern Norway. They asked me to design a new Electronic Health Record (EHR/CIS) system that would help doctors, nurses, patients and family members keep track of a patient’s progress. The project started for dementia patients, but later expanded to other fields as well.

A webapp

Following the brief, I first sketched wire frames and screen flows, after which I made the visual design, followed by an interactive prototype. Each iteration was fuelled by the feedback of end-users and the results of the usability research of Berglind Smaradottir. In the webapp, different parties have different rights to view or edit things. There is the possibility to (video-)chat with a health care worker, there are to do lists, overviews of different patients (for health care workers), etc. This webapp has specific tablet views, so health care workers can also view the process on the road.

An app specifically for tablets

Building upon the same visual language, I designed a separate app with which patients can upload pulse oximetry test results from their home. The health care workers will be notified if test results aren’t within a certain margin. The app needed to be simple and bold, because some patients would have difficulty understanding technology or reading small letters.



UX/UI design

When Mensenkinderen came with a new record, Bas van Nienes contacted me to give their website a overhaul. The new artwork had to be incorporated, which would be an easy job. I wanted to take things to the next level though. I could’ve just replaced the floating instruments and clouds of the old website, but this needed to be something special and new and challenging, like the old website had been.

So I started sketching and came up with the idea to let curtains open, let instruments fall into their place with the band, and let those instruments fade in as they did so (a nod to the artwork of the cd). The result is a website that’s still playful, but a bit more mysterious than the last one.

You should visit website to see it for yourself!



Concept, design, curation

I’m a big fan of Wes Anderson and I’m always looking for new ideas. I saw so many Wes Anderson inspired videos on the internet (behind the screens, video essays, parodies, etc), and I thought I should do something with those videos. Gather them together in one place. When I looked for free domain names I saw that wasn’t taken yet. Suddenly, the idea became very tangible: was born.

It took me a while to get the code to work the way I wanted to, as I’m not a born programmer. I did really enjoy making the website (as Wes Anderson-y as I could), and curating its content.

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Website & illustrations

When I asked my girlfriend to marry me, I sent her on a treasure hunt featuring lots of illustrations and designs by me. The website with our story is now online as well.

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Keuruun Yömaraton

WordPress theme customisation

For the Keuruun Yömaraton I customised a WordPress theme in two ways to fit with their style and wishes. There was the evening marathon website itself, and the website of their organisation. Both feel like they’re a unity, but they also have a distinct quality to them.

Visit the Yömaraton website / Visit the organisation website


EO Youth Day

UX/UI design

The EO Youth Day is a yearly event, organised by Evangelische Omroep (Evangelical Broadcasting), one of the biggest broadcasting associations in the Netherlands. The event attracts about 35,000 teenagers every year, and features several well-known artists and speakers. In 2011, the event took place for the 37th time and this time I was asked to do the webdesign.

At the start of the project, a styleguide was handed to me, along with guidelines of how the back-end of the website would work. It was a challenge to move within the restrictions that the graphic design and the technical part of the website gave me.

After I handed my interface design to the developers, I kept in touch with them to improve the design and interaction elements as much as possible.


EO Video Archive

UX/UI design

The EO, one of the biggest broadcasting companies in the Netherlands, asked me to redesign their video archive. There are thousands of videos in the archive, so it was an exciting challenge to try to make it easy for people to find the videos they’re looking for.

Unfortunately, this project was killed because all of the Dutch public media got restructured, so my designs were never seen by the public.


Aktief Schoonmaakdiensten

Custom WordPress theme

Aktief Schoonmaakdiensten is a very successful cleaning company in the Netherlands, but their website and brochure desperately needed a revision.Aktief is a company with a focus on people, which I translated into the designs by using big, personal images.

One of the most important things on the website are the quote-button and the call-me-back-button. On the old website, they were kind of hidden. On the new website, they got a prominent role; they’re very visible on every page and scroll along with the page. I also made the website easier to browse by simplifying the menu-structure, easier to update by using WordPress as the back-end, and I made the it fully responsive.

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Best Care Recruitment

Identity & UI design

When Best Care Recruitment started, they worked with a logo that had a good concept, but a poor execution. Soon after starting though, they asked me to recreate the logo and to design them a simple website.


The logo had to communicate friendliness, helping people, with a heart at the center of it. It was a challenge to create two running people and a heart in the negative space, while still keeping all forms recognisable, but I’m happy with the result.


The website had to be simple and effective. For the website I made sure that both health care organisations and health care workers can reach their goals quickly. Of course, it is fully responsive too.

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Aktief Schoonmaakdiensten


For Aktief Schoonmaakdiensten I didn’t just design the website, Aktief also asked me to design a new brochure for them. The old brochure was a small booklet, but the new one needed to be easier to use during pitches. I designed it to be a fold-out brochure of 6 pages with a fun front, all the information on the inside, and all the important contact information on the back.



Game UI design

In association with Advance, I designed a tool with which people could pick their favorite Sultana taste and win a Sultana package.

Sultana wanted this tool to promote their new packaging. The packages had to be clearly visible. The orchard puts emphasis on the wide variety in tastes Sultana offers.



UI design

Together with Pankra, I designed and created the new website of VOLKOREN, a Dutch record label for connoisseurs that brings intimate, authentic quality releases. The website meets the needs of both VOLKOREN (by having lots of space to promote their releases) and the visitors of the site (quickly view information about new releases, tours, etc).

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Astrid Tveitan

Website design

Astrid Tveitan is a Norwegian singer-songwriter. She wanted her website to shine, to be a good representation of who she is as a singer. The website was supposed to be simple, but effective. Her name and photo should be very prominent on the website, as she is an up-and-coming artist, getting more well-known as we speak. I came up with a simple design with an eye-catching header. I spent a lot of time on perfecting the typography of her name. These golden letters, together with the photo of Astrid, really represent her.

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