Hi! My name is Joris-Jan (JJ), and I’m an interaction designer and social entrepreneur. I design and create strong visual interfaces with clear interactions, with an eye for detail, a heart for the client and a focus on the end user.

With my experience in the fields of business, interaction design and humanitarian aid, I think I’m able to bring something new and exciting to all of those fields.


Among many others, I’ve worked for: Shell, Eyeworks, VPRO, Evangelische Omroep, University of Agder, Gospelfestival Amsterdam, Sally Forth Records, VOLKOREN Uitgeverij, 4SeasonsSpa, Sultana

Social entrepreneur

Besides working as an interaction designer, I work together with World Outreach Mission (WOM) pioneering a school in Sub Saharan Africa. There, we will train people from western cultures to live in, help, and impact extreme third world environments. WOM has lots of local leaders working in different cities and areas, among local tribes and people.


jj@jorisjan.com  •  (+358) (0)5050 66816