Joris-Jan van den Boom

Joris-Jan van den Boom is

Joris-Jan van den Boom is
interaction designer, social entrepreneur, conceptor & dreamer.

Hello, I'm Joris-Jan (JJ) - a Dutch designer living in Helsinki, Finland. I love to design and create user interfaces: websites, apps, etc.

Through my designs and my work as a social entrepreneur, I like to make the world a better place. With my experience in the fields of business, interaction design and humanitarian aid, I think I'm able to bring something new and exciting to all of those fields.

Joris-Jan van den Boom  ·  (+358) 40 656 0048


Among many others, I've worked for: Shell, Sultana, Eyeworks, VPRO, Evangelische Omroep, Gospelfestival Amsterdam, Sally Forth Records, VOLKOREN Uitgeverij, 4SeasonsSpa